About us

Welcome to KT Sun Stop!

KT Sun Stop ® is a family business that takes great pride in manufacturing high-end quality, durable and cost-effective products that aim to preserve the health, safety and comfort of people around the globe! We are the pioneer specialized in providing car sun visor. Our products are proprietary and ensure the best quality. Sun visors are developed to block glares, harmful UV rays and protect drivers from heat while commuting. All products are made from a non-toxic PP plastic and quality assurance is guaranteed.

By looking closer however, you will discover that KT Sun Stop is only a subsidiary to our main company “Forever Beaumore Cosmetics” - a global skincare and cosmetics company. We are committed to creating high-quality skin care products that are both safe and effective. Women around the world who are passionate about preserving their beauty rely on Forever Beaumore as part of their beauty routine. 

Whether it’s commuting back and forth to work, school or daily errands or even taking long trips to the countryside and going on vacations, most people are completely unaware of the damage that the sun can cause to their skin’s health and their overall well-being. So, we made it our secondary mission to educate regular commuters on the importance of skincare while driving by making their commutes as safe and as comfortable as possible!

In fact, our vehicle side sun visors have already provided countless families and professional drivers with the protection and comfort they deserve in an easy, cost-effective way.

But enough about us! The truth is that KT Sun Stop wouldn’t even exist if it wasn’t for our lovely customers. We ARE a family business which is exactly why we aim to treat every single customer as an extension of our family and a part of the community that we have created over all these years.

We urge you to get in touch with us if you have ANY issues or questions about our products and we will not rest until all your questions have been answered and your issues addressed.

Thank you for choosing us and trusting in our core values of safety, health and family.