Youth Sun Stop Visor
Youth Sun Stop Visor
KT Sun Stop

Youth Sun Stop Visor

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Protects especially youthful passengers with our larger sized Sun Stop Visor. Featuring kid-friendly designs. 


– Block glare, harmful UV rays, and heat 
– Easy to install, free of adhesives
– Made from a non-toxic PP plastic

Insert visor into the rubber slot of your car window. Use suction cup to hold the bottom of the visor more securely in place. To remove, simply pull visor down to detach it from the rubber slot. 


– Not recommended for small vehicles. 

– Our products are created to be used only on side windows of vehicles. Do not use on the windshield of your vehicle.
– Please use responsibly and in accordance with state laws.
– Ask your doctor for a letter of exemption if allowed by your local state or federal regulation.


*Comes in 1 large piece.